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Deeprock is committed to providing cost-effective solutions for our customer’s midstream opportunities through their broad capabilities and experience.


The crude oil transportation needs of third parties are met by Premier Trading and Transportation, LLC. As an over-the-road transportation affiliate of Deeprock, Premier operates a successful fleet of crude oil transports covering eight states from the South Central to the Midwest Regions.

Premier provides flexibility to the midstream sector utilizing cross-functional connections and experience while maintaining the safety, reliability, and efficiency to exceed the customer’s expectations.

With a large fleet of trucks, trailers, and drivers, Premier provides solutions to meet the customer’s midstream needs.

Terminal Operations

Deeprock Oil Operating LLC provides a cross-functional management and operations team with extensive experience in safe and cost-effective operations of crude oil storage terminals. This terminal operations affiliate of Deeprock brings the excellent work and experience of our team to customers’ facilities.

Deeprock has tremendous knowledge with the scheduling and delivery of crude oil products to the customer’s delivery point.

Deeprock’s Terminal Operations group is dedicated to the highest health and safety standards while remaining focused on sound fiscal responsibility and service.

Pipeline Operations

The systems of Deeprock Oil Operating LLC, an affiliate of Deeprock, are designed for optimized hydraulic performance, cost-effective construction management, and automation services for efficient operations.

Deeprock has a solid reputation for providing reliable resource services and innovative and safe solutions for their midstream customers.

The recent completion of two 24” pipelines connecting Deeprock’s North Cushing location to major connections found at the South side of Cushing, Oklahoma, provides better flexibility with crude oil delivery and scheduling.

Terminal Construction

Deeprock’s affiliate, Deeprock Tanks LLC, works as an aligned partner with customers from concept to completion to achieve their midstream ambitions.

With a reputation for exceptional safety, attention to detail, sound financial responsibility, and excellent construction management skills, Deeprock is well known in the business sector.

Over the last five years Deeprock has constructed over nine (9) million barrels of crude oil storage and has the experience and knowledge to move a business plan from concept to completion in a short amount of time.
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